There are things in life you know you should do.

For example, I should be going into the crawl space under my house twice a year.

I know it is important. I should be checking to make sure it is dry and that I don’t have any unexpected house guests.  

And that is only the tip of the home maintenance iceberg.

I attend several inspections every month. I am shocked how many repairs “pop” up that could have been resolved had the homeowner known early on – and now that it has festered, the repair is going to cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars!

…and still I don’t go into my crawl space.

Thank goodness for my friend at Sound To Summit Inspection. I talked to the founder at Sound To Summit, Jeb Brewer, recently. Sound To Summit offers an annual “peace of mind” inspection. Genius! Now I don’t have to go in the crawl space. Plus I get a report about my entire home. (Imagine handing a future buyer a complete maintenance history of your home. THAT is a great negotiating tool! It would be like giving them a history of every oil change and tune up.)  

Here is what Jeb has to say about staying current with how your home is functioning:  A lot can go wrong with a house – what once worked fine can wear out over time and break.  Just like spending $50 every 3 months to have someone change the oil in your car, your home requires regular inspection.  Not too many people want to crawl through an attic or under the house in a dirty crawl space but these are the locations where some of the costliest damage can occur.   A couple great examples would be caulking on your roof disintegrating and causing a water to enter your attic or a slow leak in a water line that eventually fills your crawl space with 18” of water.  Both can occur and more frequently than you would suspect and can cost thousands of dollars to repair water and mold damage.

So what is a Peace of Mind Inspection? With a Peace of Mind Annual Inspection, I crawl through the attic and crawlspace and look for signs of water damage, I walk the exterior of the home and look for signs of rot and conditions that promote rot, I’m concerned about your family’s safety and health inside your home.  I am at your home to serve you.  I am not affiliated with plumbers, electricians, or any other contractors and am not trying to sell other services.  I have nothing to gain.

I asked Jeb if he would offer friends of NW Nest (that’s you) a special price.  He said, “Sure!”  So for $200 Jeb will do a whole house Peace of Mind Inspection, provide you a report, and you can catch the ‘little things’ before they aren’t so little.  All of Sound to Summits information is accessible at or give him a call – (425)760-0814.

I hope you are staying dry this spring!  And if you are planning to buy or sell your home, find a handyman or ask a question about a refresh/remodel, NW Nest is here to help. If it matters to you, it matters to us. 

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